Our Technology
Technology-enabled connection between farmers, fishers, restaurants and consumers.

Supply Chain Transparency

Before Two Hands, seafood was smuggled over the border, transported through 2-5 wholesale facilities, before finally being delivered to restaurants. Consumers eat product from tanks with poor temperature control management. Current existing supply chains use the same process. Now it is flown direct to China from fisher to processor then China. Between 2-5 wholesalers hand off to a last mile distributor, the finally the restaurant.

The current competitive supply chains are based off this broken model where none of the stakeholders are connected and none cooperate together.


Built with Blockchain

Empowering consumers and harvesters to remove food fraud results in transformational shifts for the industry.

"Traditional supply chains are full of middlemen. Food fraud is a problem because there is no transparency into who did what. Unlike other blockchain projects that bolt into existing processes, Two Hands has re-engineered the supply chain from the ground up to put people at the centre. What you do on Two Hands today, will affect who wants to do business with you tomorrow."

Derek Munneke
Chief Technology Officer

Always straight from the source.

Marketplace app launch in Shanghai allows restaurants to order directly from fishers.

Consumer App

Unique, enriched dining experience providing transparency and closeness to consumers.